Crossover Circle – Relatefulness Intro Night

July 27, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Ordean Middle School

Crossover Circle – Relatefulness Intro Night

LSICC – Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm

Relatefulness is a relational meditation where we practice “the art of being with” – being with ourselves, with each other, and with what arises in the relational space between us. We gather together and practice bringing our awareness to our experience of the present moment, exploring what it’s like to be us in the emerging now.

On Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm, Adam Sippola facilitates this free 90 minute introductory session that includes 1:1 fundamentals, followed by group Focus circle practice.

In a Focus circle, one person (the Circlee) becomes the focus of the group’s attention. Being with them becomes the breath of our collective meditation. During the Focus circle, we become curious about what it’s like in the Circlee’s world and experience. Participants can ask questions to get a feel for what the Circlee’s present moment experience is like for them (beyond an intellectual understanding). Participants can also share their personal, in-the-moment experience of being with the Circlee as we co-create the relational field.

If you want more love and honesty in your relationships, and to learn to bring presence and authentic expression into connection, this is for you. Practicing relatefulness can highlight our relational blind spots, help us become aware of our patterns, shadows, wounds, and adaptive habits, and it can have profound impact and bring about healing experiences of feeling seen, understood, loved, and whole.

This Crossover Circle isn’t group therapy or a healing modality. Still, subtle and powerful transformation, growth, and wakefulness often happen in practicing relatefulness, as we have the opportunity to slow down enough to be with the heart of the moment, and shine the light of awareness on what arises.


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