Sunday, Sept. 17th: Sing & Share

Barbara With brings us our monthly Sing & Share Service. 

As a professional channel for nearly 50 years she connects us with

our partners in Spirit, plus is sometimes our Song Leader too!

Sunday, 9/10/2023, Carolyn Sheets

We Are All One and We Are Not Alone: All That Matters is Love

      Carolyn has been aware of this transformative time on Earth 

               since discovering metaphysics in her early 20’s.

                    That was over 50 years ago and since then..     

         she has been following the threads where she was led.

       Today she will share from a few of her current online teachers 

                 who describe our holographic Universe – 

          and a guided meditation we can practice for ourselves.

                           That’s the first part.

                   Then she feels excited to share 

          the unfolding message that we are supported 

             here on Earth by extraterrestrial groups 

      here to help us through our tranformation on Earth.