Sunday Services

LSICC SingingWe are fortunate to have a variety of speakers for Sunday services. Each Sunday, a new guest speaker is invited to lead the Service, encouraging a culture of unity within diversity.  In this way, individuals gain knowledge and wisdom from a variety of perspectives, enriching the inner life, and cultivating an atmosphere of co-equal leadership and service.

JerryThis is a church where we can worship the God of our own understanding and to enjoy the fellowship of kindred souls. As Duluth’s only Interfaith church, we welcome people of all faith traditions, philosophies, paths, belief systems, and religions to join in the great dialogue and shared human experience.

We invite you to join us in this celebration of life, to nourish your spirit and to enjoy the company of kindred souls in a place where you can gain strength and inspiration to share with all you meet during the week.

Each of our services includes music, a message from one of our guest speakers, and a healing meditation. No two services are identical, as each speaker brings with them their own unique approach to our flexible format.