05/14/2023 Through Barb With

Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church We will command that only the most divine light shine down upon you at this time and the greatest good be present here

Good morning! Now that we’ve evoked all of our mothers and the mother energies within us and around us, let’s go back in and close our eyes. Imagine your mother beside you, whether she’s still in her body or she’s left her body behind. It doesn’t matter because that image that you see beside you of your mother, regardless of what relationship you had with her, is about your body. Your body came from her body. We come to you today with this idea of your mother beside you because where we are—here in the Afterlife, in the non physical world—there is today the circle of that feminine motherhood energy that surrounds all of you, including your mother’s specifically. So feel their presence. But also know that they never leave you. Of course you can talk to them at anytime. You can have conversation with or without a body. Of course it’s not quite the same, they’re not standing there in front of you, but they are within you in your DNA. You cannot be separated from that authentic spiritual connection that you have.

Today the Party—the group of us here in the Afterlife who are come to celebrate with you this mother energy within you—we want to direct you now, all of us, to direct ourselves to Mother Earth. Because without Mother Earth, there would be no mothers and without the mothers, of course, there’d be no children. So mother earth is literally the source of all creation. In the very center of this planet is the source of life that bubbles forth out of the mysterious unknown but comes forward as love and compassion. Compassion with the capital C, the 5th Fundamental Force of the universe that’s holding it all together. From that Compassion, that mysterious force that impels the creation of this physical world one step at a time using the four fundamental forces.

Now here you are in this garden this morning. You’re gathered together with each other in the sunlight and the love and the connection, in the history, in the non-physical. All those who have been and came before are here, too, celebrating that we can all be together without illusion that the rest of the world has that there is no Afterlife, where there are no spiritual beings that live on, evolving a forward even without their bodies. We are all in this together.

On this Mother’s Day, we have talked amongst ourselves to decide what would be the one thing that all of us, of course, the frontline would tell the actual mothers: of you and then the those who have mothers, and then the power of Mother Earth—what would we tell you?

We would tell you if you want to be healthy, if you want to work for the good of everyone in your life, then connect deeply with Mother Earth. Make it a point. Make it a part of whatever practice you have. It’s good to have a practice—where you say prayers in the morning or in the afternoon or in the evening. It’s good to have a practice where you meditate or read inspiring things. But we want to urge you to go out into nature and make it a part of your practice that you commune with the original Mother—Mother Earth. Along with Mother Earth, 70% of these bodies that you’re carrying around at least is water. So commune with Mother Earth and be very communicative to the water.

Here on this hill, in this town, by this lake, you have this incredible privilege, this unbelievable luxury of living here by this sacred the body of water that sustains you and everything—all life. Think how it flows into the earth and into the soil and gets to the roots. It feeds the bunnies and and the birds and keeps the bears alive and keeps you alive on this Earth. So that is the gift that you all can give your mothers on Mother’s Day‑the greatest of all love, which is that love of self honoring of yourself as the sacred space that is God herself.