Workshop: Crossover Circle
Oct 16 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

With Adam Sippola

Crossover Circle – Relatefulness Fundamentals and Focus Practice
Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church
Sunday, October 16th, 1-3pm
$20 (nobody turned away due to lack of funds)
Ages 18+
Event Description:
Relatefulness is an evolving set of practices, methods, and collective ways of experiencing and exploring reality with others in the present moment often pointing us toward more truth and love. In relatefulness circles, we enter into a relational meditation (mindful relating) where we practice “the art of being with” – being with ourselves, with each other, and with what arises in the relational space between us. We gather together and practice bringing our awareness to our experience of the present moment, exploring what it’s like to be us in the emerging now.
If you want more love and honesty in your relationships, and to learn to bring presence and authentic expression into connection, this is for you. Relatefulness can highlight our relational blind spots, help us become aware of our patterns, triggers, shadows, wounds, and adaptive habits, and can have profound impact on our sense of belonging and bring about healing experiences of feeling seen, understood, loved, and whole.
This Crossover Circle isn’t group therapy. Still, subtle and powerful transformation, growth, and wakefulness often happen in practicing relatefulness as we have the opportunity to slow down enough to be with the heart of the moment, and shine the light of awareness on what arises.
Sunday Service: Community Meeting
Mar 26 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
 We will be having a Community Meeting next Sunday March 26th at 10:30 
                             in place of our regular Sunday Service. 
As your Board of Trustees, we feel it’s time to check in and share how it’s going for us on our journey so far –
and we really want and need to hear from all of you – for your Ideas and Insights as we keep going forward Together.
Please note that this service will be available live on Zoom and we’ll do our best to include everyone’s input – however 
it needs to be an interactive meeting.. so we would like to encourage folks to join us all in person if you can.
         We really look forward to being together this Sunday at our Community Meeting!