Who Are We

Vision Statement

Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church (LSICC) grows through attraction, providing light for our community.

Mission Statement

LSICC is committed to spiritual growth by offering our congregation and our community a house of prayer and meditation and is committed to lighting the path to learning, healing, and empowerment of ourselves and our community.

Values and Objectives

LSICC values diversity in beliefs and independence in ideas and emphasizes a tolerant, personalized, multi-cultural spiritual experience in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


  1. Examination of spiritual values in light of the diversity of thought, experience of humankind, and tolerance of the ideas of others.
  2. Encouragement of broad cultural, individual and intellectual interests.
  3. Sharing the literature and music of all spiritual traditions in educational programs, participatory Sunday services, and in fellowship.
  4. Providing opportunities for individual healing and growth in the form of workshops, lectures, group, and private readings.
  5. LSICC believes that growth is an individual process. Growth through self-understanding, healing, and self-empowerment can best occur in an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect.
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