President’s Letter

8-30-20 Peace & Justice

Greetings, all

My attention has been caught by yard signs that say, “Without justice, there can be no peace.”  In my  google search for the origination of the quote, most of the references were about individuals and groups who used this (or a similar) phrase as a rallying cry for racial justice, beginning with “no justice, no peace” in 1986.  The phrase often carries a real or perceived threat, an “if-then” statement.  A little more reading found that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made the original (?) statement in a speech outside a California prison where Vietnam war protesters were being held on December 14, 1967.  He was aligning protests claiming that the Vietnam war as violating the rights of the Vietnamese people for self-determination with protests against racial injustice in the USA.  Quoting Dr. King from that speech:

There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice.

Quoting an article titled “There Can Be No Peace without Justice” from The Overcast – Newfoundland’s Alternative Newspaper, May 19, 2017, by “Public Post”:

There; is a beautiful elegance to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, words … What can be difficult to put into action is how we actually own our responsibility for the social justice and change we purport to champion and support. Not just for the few, but for the many. Sometimes the solutions have to be hard-won, other times, they can be beautifully simple.

As Dr. King pointed out – and to quote a line from one old song – “You can’t have one without the other.”  I believe that everything that matters is an internal matter … it’s all an “inside job”.  What could be more “beautifully simple” than that? 

From Marianne Williamson:

The experience of peace comes only from the mind.  “Peace of mind,” says A Course In Miracles, “ is clearly an internal matter. 

Those who are seeking racial (or any other) justice in the world appear to be focusing on the second part of King’s quote:  “There can be no peace without justice”, believing that justice must be won on the outside, whether by fighting or, as Dr. King taught, some more peaceful external means.  In my view, those of us on a committed spiritual path will be best served – and will serve best – by following the first part of King’s quote:  “There can be no justice without peace.”  Our “inside job” requires us to turn within, to our spiritual Source. 

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

ACIM Workbook 221

Father, I come to You today to seek the peace that You alone can give.  I come in silence.  In the quiet of my heart, the deep recesses of my mind, I wait and listen for Your Voice.  My Father, speak to me today.  I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty and love, sure You will hear my call and answer me.

Now do we wait in quiet.  God is here, because we wait together.  I am sure that He will speak to you, and you will hear.  Accept my confidence, for it is yours.  Our minds are joined.  We wait with one intent; to hear our Father’s answer to our call, to let our thoughts be still and find His peace, to hear Him speak to us of what we are, and to reveal Himself unto His Son.

God has condemned me not. No more do I.

My Father knows my holiness.  Shall I deny His knowledge, and believe in what His knowledge makes impossible?  Shall I accept as true what He proclaims as false?  Or shall I take His Word for what I am, since He is my Creator, and the One Who knows the true condition of His Son?

Father, I was mistaken in myself, because I failed to realize the Source from which I came.  I have not left that Source to enter in a body and to die.  My holiness remains a part of me, as I am part of You.  And my mistakes about myself are dreams.  I let them go today.  And I stand ready to receive Your Word alone for what I really am.

The Course says that forgiveness, which is our only function here, is the key to peace, our only goal.  And forgiveness, as the Course explains it, means recognizing that there is no guilt … not in me, not in you, not in anyone.  We cannot change what God created.

Love, which created me, is what I am.

ACIM Workbook 229

I seek my own Identity, and find It in these words: “Love, which created me, is what I am.”  Now need I seek no more.  Love has prevailed.  So still It waited for my coming home, that I will turn away no longer from the holy face of Christ.  And what I look upon attests the truth of the Identity I sought to lose, but which my Father has kept safe for me.

Father, my thanks to You for what I am; for keeping my Identity untouched and sinless, in the midst of all the thoughts of sin my foolish mind made up.  And thanks to You for saving me from them.  Amen

Now will I seek and find the peace of God.

  ACIM Workbook 230

In peace I was created.  And in peace do I remain.  It is not given me to change my Self.  How merciful is God my Father, that when He created me He gave me peace forever.  Now I ask but to be what I am.  And can this be denied me, when it is forever true?

Father, I seek the peace You gave as mine in my creation.  What was given then must be here now, for my creation was apart from time, and still remains beyond all change.  The peace in which Your Son was born into Your Mind is shining there unchanged.  I am as You created me.  I need but call on You to find the peace You gave.  It is Your Will that gave it to Your Son.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  Matthew 6:33

As children of our Creator, forgiveness (letting go of our illusions of guilt) is our only function, and peace/love/oneness (the kingdom of God) is our only goal.  When we commit to peace (or any other of the qualities of God) as our one goal, we open to experiencing all of the qualities of God, all of our inheritance as God’s children.  As we become more rooted in our own inner peace and innocence, our words and actions, even our very presence, extend them into our outer world.  When we no longer see guilt in anyone, there will be no need to seek justice.  We will be just. 

Peace and love to you always,