President’s Letter

Sunday, 08-23-20

Dear Friends,

I have spent this past week processing the craziness of our outer world and the fact that it is all a trick the ego is playing to keep us distracted from the truth that love is all there is.  As with last Sunday, Jon Mundy has addressed the topic about which I was writing.  And, as with last Sunday, I’m choosing to forward his message (and save mine for another day?).

Love Longing for Itself

Love can easily get covered over with ego emissions and all the judgments we so easily throw out upon the world.  Thus, it is that. . .

Projection will always hurt you.

It reinforces your belief in your own split mind,

and its only purpose is to keep the separation going.

It is solely a device of the ego to make you feel

different from your brothers and separated from them.

Projection and attack are inevitably related,

because projection is always a means of justifying attack.

Anger without projection is impossible.

The ego uses projection only to destroy your perception

of both yourself and your brothers.


I knew a man whose father was rough, difficult, and demanding. The son had a lot of trouble dealing with his father and often felt as though he hated him. Then one day the father, who was getting older, was hit by a car while crossing the street in New York City. He broke his hip, some blood clots formed, and then, he suffered a stroke. He never fully recovered. After that, he became childlike, innocent — and loving. The love was in him all along longing for expression.

Now the man whom the son hated was altogether different and he was dependent upon his son to care for him. What a dilemma! The old man, whom the son had hated, was no longer hateful. Now, he was uncomplicated, trusting. He smiled frequently and looked to his son for support. As the son was willing to let go of the past, healing occurred. All that was left, all that was real between them, was love. Life is like that: buried within, sometimes not even too deeply, love is trying to find a way out, and an opportunity for expression. Thus, our only job is one of “removing the blocks to an awareness of love’s presence.”

Unforgiveness means holding onto something we reinforce in our minds and make real because we do not want to look at ourselves and how it is that we have contributed to what we see as someone else’s problem. If anyone attacks you, for any reason — remember they are hurting. And because they are hurting — the healing can come only by extending the gentle balm of love. Once, when I was dealing with someone who was suffering from a deep depression, I asked Jesus how was I supposed to help this person? And I heard: “Just keep loving him.” What a simple answer — and it is true — it is how miracles work. 

Principle No. 6 of the 50 Miracle Principles says,

Miracles are natural. 

When they do not occur, something has gone wrong

Everything that comes from love is natural. The ego is not natural. When we’re in the ego we feel uneasy, uncomfortable. Something is missing. Relaxing into love, it is possible to love everything – all those around you, your pets and every experience that comes your way.

Love always leads to love.

The sick, who ask for love, are grateful for it,

and in their joy they shine with holy thanks.


Let the past go — all of it — all the negative feelings
you may have had about anyone, and remember:

Underneath it all, we really do love one another.

Happy Birthday to Jerry Kwako on Tuesday!

With love and gratitude,